Quebec Association of Naturopathic Medicine (QANM)

QANM is a not for profit organization that was founded in 1994.

Our mandate is:

  • to establish regulation of naturopathic medicine in Quebec comparable to other regulated jurisdictions in North America
  • to uphold standards of excellence in naturopathic education
  • to support research in naturopathy
  • to be the voice of naturopathic doctors in Quebec

We represent the profession to promote the services and maintain the integrity and honour of the naturopathic doctors in Quebec.

We aim to improve the wellness of Quebecers by broadening the availability of choice in supporting and creating optimal quality of life.

Our goal is to promote a social, economic, and political climate in which members can provide the citizens of Quebec with the highest standard of naturopathy, while achieving maximum professional satisfaction.

We partner with the national naturopathic association, the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors, to ensure similar standards of competence across the country.

The QANM has a vested interest in advancing naturopathic medicine by acting as a credible unified voice for the profession, providing access to tools and resources to advance the clinical skills and business success of its members.