Regarding Dr. Saine

On behalf of the Quebec Association of Naturopathic Medicine, it with deep regret that we have learned that one of our highly esteemed colleagues, Dr. Andre Saine, used inappropriate and offensive language during a recent lecture at one of our naturopathic colleges.

It is with deepest conviction that we stand with our naturopathic brothers and sisters at the shock and the hurt that these words have caused.  We agree that there is no circumstance under which this type of language or behaviour is acceptable anywhere in our profession or our society.  We are taking action to ensure this type of incident will never happen again on our watch. 

We hope that we can all learn from this and that the greater awareness of our own shortcomings will lead to a culture that is more inclusive, more sensitive and increasingly aware of the respect that all members of our naturopathic community,  as well as society at large, deserve from any one of our members.

Tasleem Kassam